Why Social Media are important in real estate marketing

» » Why Social Media are important in real estate marketing
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Why do you need an effective social media strategy as a real estate agent today? The answer is in the question…..social. Your success relies on making personal connections. Isn’t that what social media is about? Making personal connections?

All real estate starts with a personal meeting. From the very start, to be effective, the agent needs to make a connection and ask the right questions in order to gain an understanding of the client’s needs. With the increasing influence of technology and the Internet, much of this now happens online. A solid social media presence can allow your clients to learn more about you. This results in a comfort level and trust developing long before you ever meet in person.

Your clients are online every day, sometimes all day. You need to be in front of them while they are visiting Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and the variety of other sites. The savvy, successful real estate professional is using social media to engage with clients and prospects, market properties and services and staying in touch with past clients. It’s a personal way to connect with leads and clients in a way that can be fun as well as relevant. You need a social media strategy that works.

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